Dermot Hanley


Mr. Hanley serves as a Member of our Board of Directors. He is an experienced independent non-executive director and investment banker. He is currently a non-executive board member of numerous private equity backed companies and regulated financial investment funds. These include Killiney Maritime since September 2018, Larix Opportunities Master ICAV since February 2020, Varagon Capital Credit Strategies ICAV since October 2020. Additionally, he has served as Chairperson of RTW Investments ICAV since January 2021 and CVP Credit Value Fund (Europe) V GP Limited since May 2021. He founded Nusli in 2012. Previously, Mr. Hanley was Co-Head of Coverage for Barclays Bank Ireland and spent 16 years in international investment banking and capital markets roles with major global firms, including Claret Capital, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Citibank. He is a member of the Governance Advisory Council for The Corporate Governance Institute and is also a longstanding member of the Finance and Economics Committee (Ecotax) at The Irish Business and Employers Confederation. He is a graduate of University College Dublin (BSc) and The Queens University of Belfast (MBA) and holds a diploma in corporate governance from The Governance Institute/Glasgow Caledonia University.